Christmas with MRP Home { DECOR }

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The festive season is really my favorite time of year! It falls in Summer which I love and everything just looks so much prettier covered in Christmas decorations. My favorite style of decorating is with silver, gold and hints of pastel and this year MRP Home had everything for me to complete my perfect dining look.

I love sitting down to a pretty table for Christmas lunch so I tried out a few settings till I came up with this one that I loved! I will also be showing you a few other ones if you arent as into pastels as I am.

Metallic glassĀ platter – R69,99

Metallic wine glasses – R49,99 each

Three arm candelabra – R179,99

Foil dot table cloth – R279,99

Pack of six crackers – R119,99

Pack of four dinner candles – R19,99

Diamond side plate – R25,99 each

Diamond dinner plate – R35,99 each

Silver underplate – R29,99 each

Cutlery set – R229,99

Ice holder – R249,99

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The Body Shop Honey Bronze Dry Oil { BEAUTY REVIEW }


I am an absolute sucker for anything with the promise of making me into a shimmering bronze goddess ( a girl can dream cant she! ) and when I saw this dry oil from The Body Shop I just had to have it. My main problem with body bronzers is that they tend to be in cream form and that means a lot of the time they tend to be sticky and sweaty and icky.

The Body Shop one is a a dry oil though which means I don’t have to worry about any of those things. I must say the oil bit scared me but it was nothing like slathering baby oil on yourself thank goodness! It tried almost instantly, left my skin baby soft and had a gorgeous shimmer that did not go anywhere except my body which is a plus point if you have a thing for wearing white.

The bottle it comes in is very expensive and glam looking so its great to keep out on your vanity and not hidden in a drawer never to be found again. The packaging is nice and the product great but OH MY WORD, the smell is insanely amazing. I feel like I want to date myself when I put it on thats how delicious smelling it is. If you had to mix all the happiness in the world with candy floss and ice lollies then you might get close to what it smells like. I don’t know what it is but I hope they have a perfume that smells like it ( I am seriously going to go stalk the body shop for one ) because I will buy in bulk… If they don’t I guess I will look like Edward Cullen with a tan šŸ˜›

If you only buy one bronzing product this Summer make it this and I pinkie promise you wont be disappointed! You can find it at The Body Shop for R240 and if the price scares you let me just tell you it lasts ages because a little goes a long way!

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Shimansky Festive Wishlist


I have always loved diamonds and the way they make me feel, nothing beats the thrill of finding something sparkly under the Christmas tree and this year you definitely want something that comes wrapped in a Shimansky ribbon. I had the absolute pleasure of getting a personal tour at their main showroom located at the Clocktower in the V&A Waterfront and it was something out of every girls fantasy! If you are looking for the perfect special gift for someone you love it is definitely the place to go.

I am so picky when it comes to jewelry but there is really something for everyone from gorgeous pendants to tanzanite rings and glittering earrings so you will be spoilt for choice! I thought I would make it a bit easier and share my five favorite pieces with you and why these ones in specific stand out to me.

My Girl cross pendant in rose gold:

When I saw this gorgeous cross I immediately fell in love. I really liked the rose gold ( it does come in yellow gold, white gold and platinum as well )because it gives the pendant a vintage feel and softens it as well. I have always had a soft spot for cross pendants and after losing my very special on from Malta I have been looking for a replacement and this one really caught my eye!

Microset diamond bands:

If you are looking for a very special gift that wont break the bank and will last a lifetime I suggest going for one of the microset diamond bands. The band is set with round brilliant cut diamonds and will definitely put a sparkle in the eyes of the person receiving it.

Two hearts diamond ring:

This ring is all kinds of special so I just had to include it! It is of course an engagement ring but lets face it, who doesn’t want to get engaged this time of year! This is the ring you want to hint to your boyfriend about ladies. The brilliant round cut diamond is gorgeous but what I like most about this ring is the two hearts it is set in. I feel it makes the ring so special and perfect for the start of an everlasting love!

My Girl tennis bracelet:

A tennis bracelet is one of those pieces that almost everyone lusts after. The perfect arm candy and a piece that you can wear with absolutely anything. The my Girl tennis bracelet obviously features the My Girl diamonds which is exclusive to Shimansky and it will make you feel like a million dollars wearing one of these.

Captivated by Shimansky:

As I was walking out of the showroom a display caught my eye with a range of perfumes and I just knew I had to add this one in. This would be a perfect stocking filler or a pre gift for bigger things to come. It is also limited edition so no matter what you decide to purchase from Shimansky you always feel special.

I would really suggest popping into the Clocktower showroom for the diamond museum tour which was so interesting and a look around their showroom. You can phone ahead or just pop in and the great thing is they are open till nine in the evening every single day of the year except Christmas day so there is no excuse to get the perfect gift this year.

Have a look at their website for more info.



12 Days Of Christmas With Arthur Kaplan


Its the season of all things sparkly, love and festivities! To celebrate this glorious time of year Arthur Kaplan will be spoiling you with a 12 Days of Christmas promotion. fromt the 26th of November till the 7th of December they will have a new amazing limited offer everyday just for that day. You cant miss out on it so just subscribe to their newsletter at!

I am the last day so don’t miss out on seeing what I have to offer on the 7th of December!



Desert Dreams { INSPO }


I love the ocean but the dessert holds a certain romantic attraction for me. I wish I could go do a shoot with gypsy like skirts and loads of jewelry just red sand and cactus plants in the background! For now though I will have to satisfy my craving for the desert by looking at some inspo photos and basically stalking one of my favorite blogs at the moment called run by the beautiful Sarah Loven!

What do you find inspiring at the moment?

Ps. Dont forget to check out my new travel blog

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