Black Hat {OOTD}

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I thought it would be appropriate to share this look with you before Halloween as its a little darker than my usual outfits. I love pastels and bright colors but sometimes its nice to look a little moody!

Pants from Cotton on | Top from H&M | Shoes from Fashion Express | Hat from Country Road | Chanel Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut

This hat from Country Road is a fave, it looks great with almost everything and is such a classic statement piece!

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Victoria Falls River Lodges Zimbabwe {Travel}

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Taking a boat to our last destination on our &Beyond explorer edition safari felt a little bit like a dream. We had been doing the luxury camps in Botswana’s national parks since we had arrived but our last stop was a luxury private lodge on the banks of the Zambezi and we were so excited to get a bit of pampering before our trip home.

With the spray off the falls visible in the distance on a clear day this is definitely the place to stay when you are in Victoria Falls. The only way to arrive is by boat and when you arrive it is breathtaking. The inside merges with the outside and becomes one with nature. Tastefully decorated but with a comfortable feel its all we hoped for. We are in room 11 which isn’t just a room but a free standing bungalow, half canvas, half wooden structure. Our one is right on the Zambezi river bank with views to die for and a plunge pool front and center. We booked ourselves for the sunset cruise down the river but at the sight of the pool we decide to give it a miss. The inside is just as amazing with a huge bed, aircon, two showers (one inside and one outside) a massive bath with a river view and everything else you would need to make your stay amazing and relaxing.

We change into our swimwear as fast as possible and spend our afternoon viewing the wildlife while having some drinks. The water buffalo and warthogs seem to be thirsty as well as they drink water right in front of us. Its experiences like this that will be etched in your mind forever and that are almost so magical you dont want to spoil it by capturing it on film. Its a feeling in your heart, one that makes you want to never leave.

As the sun sets we get ready for dinner at the main lodge which is served at 7. We hurry up as we are not allowed to walk un-accompanied once the sun sets. The lodge is situated in the Zambezi National park and it has no fences so a lion or leopard might just be out on the prowl and that makes it just so much more exciting. An authentic experience is so much better than some of the cattle lodges we had seen before.

The deck is set for dinner, the firepit has dancing flames and we have some delicious red wine to sip on while we wait. The food is so delicious I feel like I dont want to stop eating and the mood around the dining area is amazing. We chat into the night and when we are ready to leave one of the guides accompanies us back to our room.

Another moonlit swim is in order before snuggling in between cool sheets for a great nights sleep that was only once interrupted by a buffalo grazing next to our tent.

Waking up with the sunrise was a great idea as we see the massive pink ball rise up from the river. We set off for our relaxed morning cruise where we sip on coffee while watching hippos, elephants and crocodiles going about their day. After our cruise we head to the deck for another indulgent breakfast with everything you can dream of and I even satisfy my craving with a delicious eggs benedict. I feel spoiled and happy as we head back to our room but it doesnt last long as I realise its time to pack up and leave this magical place.

Our little slice of heaven was short but worth every bit and will stay with us for years and years to come!

Check out Destinations for bookings
The Victoria Falls River Lodge website and facebook page
The Beyond website for more on the trip

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Mellow Yellow {OOTD}

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Shoes from Fashion express in Canal Walk | Camisole and shorts from Truworths in Canal Walk | Bangle from Legit in Canal Walk | Handbag from Anni King

Yellow is so trendy for Spring and I just absolutely love how perfectly my new Anni King handbag matches my slip ons from Fashion Express! I am all about cute easy to wear clothes with a bit of interest and matches these pretty pattern shorts with yellow makes for an easy chic summer outfit.



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