July 17, 2014

Selfie {OOTD}


beach outfit superficialgirls cape town
Chicwish necklace |Zara jeggings | Forever new top from Canal Walk | Wedges from Charles & Keith in Canal Walk | Handbag from Aldo | Bracelets from Forever 21 |

I can’t believe these photos were taken just two days ago when I am sitting here staring out at the torrential downpour outside! I cant complain though as we are still pretty lucky actually getting weather like this in winter! I almost fel too hot wearing jeans but it did seem more appropriate than shorts :P

I thought the best place to show off this gorgeous chicwish sea themed necklace was at our all time favorite beach right by our place! Its small and secluded and has the best swimming spot.

I am also so excited to be showing off my new Hisense MAXE 1 phone pictured below in tomorrow’s post and video!

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selfie aldo beach outfit

July 14, 2014

Snow Mission to Matroosberg


Ok so I know for most of you snow is a normal occurrence and not something utterly crazy cool but I live in Cape Town and for us a little bit of snow in winter is seriously exciting!

A couple of weeks ago we had some freezing weather and even a tiny (like minuscule) amount of snow on Table Mountain but it also started snowing out in Ceres which is about 3 hours away from Cape Town. It does snow there on the Matroosberg nature reserve during winter quite a bit but its far so not really a day trip. We hadnt been there for over 10 years so we woke up really early on a Sunday morning and made a little road trip photo taking adventure out of it!

Here are some of my fave pics!


driving matroosberg


matroosberg snowmanfollow me to matroosberg










snow matroosberg 1

DCIM108GOPROsnow matroosberg 3snow matroosberg 6snow matroosberg 5DCIM108GOPROsnow matroosberg 9


snow matroosberg 10

snow matroosberg superficialgirl

snow matroosberg

snow matroosberg1

July 10, 2014

Mr Price in Canal Walk Picks



There are so many awesome monochrome items at Mr Price in Canal Walk at the moment! Here are my favorites.

1.Leather cap – R59,99

2.Sheer inset skater skirt – R99,99

3.Slouchy statement tee – R45,99

4.Canvas slip ons – R69,99

5.Graffiti tube dress – R119,99

6. Tropical leggings – R69,99

July 8, 2014

Stripes {OOTD}

Shoes from Truworths in Canal Walk | Trench coat from Forever New | Jersey from Truworths in Canal Walk | Handbag from Truworths | Bracelet from Colette Hayman in Canal Walk

Hi everyone! At last I am back with another outfit post! I have been so busy recently, and it has been really really really cold that my outfits mostly consisted of double onesies (yes you heard right, wearing two onesies!) and various forms of massive fluffy jackets and scarves. We have also been going on a lot of outings which have been great but doing an outfit post after hiking for two hours isn’t pretty believe me!

Usually when winter comes I start wearing a lot of neutrals and dark colors and as soon as the spring goodies hit stores I transform into a crazy rainbow of pastels and brights.



July 3, 2014

What’s In My Colette Hayman Bag


I love small cross body bags especially when I know I am going somewhere where I want to keep my bag on my all the time (think festivals, daytime adventures and night time events!) I adore this small Colette Hayman bag from Canal Walk so much that I actually have two of them.

Here is typically what I would carry around with me over the weekend (excluding my ugly keys, bank card and bus card! :P)

1. YDE sunglasses – I am the worst with sunnies always just throwing them everywhere so its great to have an inexpensive pair that I love!
2. Soap & Glory hand sanitizer – I take the bus a lot and its always good to keep your hands clean!
3. Maybelline babylips – The perfect lip balm with a hint of color
4. Elizabeth Arden lip gloss – I am so addicted to this gloss, it smells like caramel and its non sticky!
5. iPhone – I obviously dont go anywhere without my trusty phone and at the moment I love this bling cover from Forever New
6. Essence moisturising makeup – My new fave and with its matt effect its perfect for touch ups during the day!

All of these are available from Canal Walk!

July 1, 2014

Exploring Cape Town


I have been a little bit MIA from my blog the past few weeks but dont worry all outfit posts and reviews will be up and running as usual again from next week onwards! Myself and Mike have just been super busy launching a few new sites! We have started off with Explore Cape Town and we have been missioning around going on exciting adventures to show you the beauty of where we live!

You can follow us on instagram @explorecapetown as well as twitter @explorect_ and check out our website Explore Cape Town!





June 27, 2014

Five Reason To Get Excited About Forever 21 Opening In Canal Walk


I have been a fan of the colourful fast fashion you get at forever 21 for a long time but unfortunately I could only get excited from a far as they were only overseas. Now we have one opening at the end of the year in Canal Walk and this is why I am excited!


This is probably something a lot of you can related to, the awesome feeling of getting a package from your favorite overseas shop (even if you paid $50 shipping) to be told you need to pay an extra R500-R1000… Bubble burst…
Even if the prices are slightly higher than overseas its still a bargain considering how much customs fees are and you have the bonus of not having to wait for months for your package to arrive!


I love having more choices when I go shopping. It used to be like two shops that you can go to to find something but now there are so many mmore choices and it seems like Forever 21 will have a lot of awesome goodies!


I am definitely a fashion freak so I love staying on top of the trends and with a shop like Forever 21 you know they will have the latest and greatest of what is going on in the fashion world at the moment at way more affordable prices.


We rarely get something first for some reason so I am so happy that Forever 21 will have its first home in South Africa in Canal Walk. I know we have the mountain and the ocean but sometimes we need a shop that no one has as well :P :P


The world is almost becoming smaller but in some ways that is good. Now I can also have a Forever 21 Haul on youtube or watch one and get excited. I love how we arent separated by borders in the online world and now its spilling over into the real world.I am pretty sure my first summer Forever 21 haul will be epic so definitely keep a watch out for that!