Going to Paris { Travel }


If you think about Paris you think about romance, croissants, champagne and twinkling lights! Its a city where wishes come true and a place everyone wants to visit at least once in their life. I have been dreaming about going there forever and at last I can make it a reality with KLM Dream Deals. KLM has an awesome special going on at the moment with unbelievable deals to cities all over the world and I just couldn’t help booking a ticket to Paris because its such a bargain. You can only grab these awesome deals between 01/09/2015 and 21/09/2015 so don’t let your chance to go somewhere awesome slip by.

Myself and Michael have travelled to so many different countries but France is somewhere we haven’t been and were craving to go to. I can just imagine the gorgeous photos we will get with the Eiffel Tower and the pretty buildings but there are just so many reasons I want to go to this magical city.

Here are some of my top 5 reasons for visiting Paris:

  1. Laduree:

Who doesn’t love pretending to be french while sipping coffee and eating delicious macaroons at the gorgeous Laduree store on the Champs-Élysées? This will be my ultimate girly Parisian moment!


2.  Eiffel Tower:

This might be a huge cliche but what is a trip to Paris without a picture at the Eiffel Tower. My sister and her husband had dinner at the top and it looked absolutely magical and definitely something to add to your bucket list.


3.  Versailles gardens:

This is a dream come true for photographers and I have always wanted to do a mini fashion shoot ( Parisian style of course ) in these utterly gorgeous gardens!


    4.   Louvre:

There might be long lines but even just seeing the Louvre pyramids from the outside would give me a thrill. I love The Da Vinci Code and being able to see the places that Dan Brown wrote about would be amazing! Saying that all of the major tourist attractions are on my list anyway!


   5. The food:

Just give me a croissant and a bottle of french champagne and lets call it a day! I can’t wait to sample some of the delicious french cuisine I always hear everyone raving about. Being a foodie it just makes me so excited to eat french food in France! If you have any recommendations of awesome places to eat in Paris let me know!

These are only a few of the hundreds of reasons why I decided to book my ticket to Paris with KLM Dream Deals!

Where would you like to go?


Beach Boho { OOTD }

IMG_3941 copy
Skirt from PnP clothing | Top from PnP clothing | Jewellery from Forever 21 | Flash tattoos from MRP.com

Its no secret that I adore Summer and everything that comes with it. The days are long and warm, the beaches are inviting and everything just seems happy and free. The boho style fits into it so perfectly with loose skirts, lace and all kinds of pretty accessories!

I cant wait to spend my days exploring and soaking up sunshine with Michael listening to music and just smiling ( sunshine makes me smile ok! :) Here is one of my favorite music videos at the moment that definitely makes me think of Summer and being happy!

IMG_3880IMG_4102 IMG_3861


Thierry Mugler Eau de Sucree { Beauty }

blog angel

I have never been a fan of the original Angel perfume but when the limited addition Thierry Mugler Eau de Sucree (R695 for 50ml) landed on my doorstep I knew this was more my type of scent. It is sweet but not sickly and not as sharp smelling as the original one. The notes are softer and hints of caramel makes it a really easy daytime scent to wear.

I absolutely love how the bottle is also almost sugar coated on the outside but I almost wish it came in a different colour, maybe mint or blush pink 😛

Have you tried this one?

blog angel 2


Lace Dreams { OOTD }

miss friday yde dress 4

Everyone needs the perfect sexy black dress in their cupboard and that doesnt always mean the shortest or tightest. I absolutely love how classy but still sexy this dress from Miss Friday is. The higher neckline makes it great to wear with a statement necklace like I did and the slits on the side give that little bit of mystery and sexyness!

I am very much into the whole boho type of look for summer with loads of bangles, rings and big necklaces being added to my wardrobe staples.

You can buy Miss Friday clothing at selected YDE stores ( they also have this dress in a beautiful blush pink colour!! )

Photos by Michael Eloff

miss friday yde dress 7miss friday yde 11 miss friday yde dress 2miss friday yde dress 1 miss friday yde dress 3 miss friday yde dress 5 miss friday yde dress 6 miss friday yde dress 8 miss friday yde dress 9 miss friday yde dress 10 miss friday yde dress 11


Golden Hour { OOTD }

Shorts from MRP.com | Top from Forever New | Belt & bangles from my mom 😛 | Fringe vest from Forever 21 | Shoes from Foschini | Mike’s tee is from MRP.com , his hat is from Cotton on and his pants and shoes from Truworths

Last night Michael and I decided to take advantage of the absolutely gorgeous weather and head onto signal hill to go watch the sun set. Obviously a beautiful setting calls for some photo action and we had so much fun just being our crazy selves and then ending it off with some city love!

I know I dont appreciate my surroundings and my situation as much as I should most of the time but some moments make you almost want to burst with happiness. Just being free, happy and healthy surrounded by all this beauty. People most of thought we had a bit too much wine or something ( we didn’t have any! ) with the way I was dancing about but recently I have realised that you look and feel much better when you just let go and you don’t try so hard to be perfect.

As I previously mentioned, I am so in love with the boho trend for summer and I cant wait till the shops start stocking up more bikinis, shorts and fringe goodies. I am lucky that my mom has always loved this style and she litrally has boxes full of belts, bangles, tribal style necklaces and other goodies for me to play around with.

blog 4 blog 7 blog 12

blog 2 blog 1 blog10 blog 8 blog 9 blog 6 IMG_0045 IMG_1968 IMG_0026-2 IMG_2023 IMG_0038 blog 15 blog 3


H&M South Africa


If you are like me you are probably counting down the days till H&M South Africa opens its doors! We dont have an exact date yet ( cries into hands ) but apparently its sometime in October and the Waterfront store is set to be one of the biggest and baddest H&M stores out there. I must say I have been waiting for this day since my first trip to the UK about 13 years ago when the world of Oxford street was still uncharted territory for me. After that all my UK trips seemed to revolve around two shops, Primark and H&M. I have bought so many quality basics from there that even after years I still wear and its almost impossible for me to believe I dont have to jump on a plane to get my fix!

Above I have included some of my fave items from their freshly launched ZA site ( check it out here ) to give you an idea of what their pricing is like. I think its totally affordable with the basics being super cheap ( and we need basics in SA! ) and some other very good quality items being somewhere in between Zara and Forever 21 prices.

I am also happy to see that they are also bringing the homeware range to SA as it looks amazing!

Are you excited for H&M to open??


Throwing Shade { Girl Talk }


Sugar and spice and all things nice, thats what girls are made of, or are they? Being in the beauty/fashion/online industry for quite a while has made me kind of numb to what the world has to say about me. You learn to shrug of any nasty comments by saying oh its just haters but recently I have been seeing a growing trend amongst girls to make snide remarks and “shade” each other on social media. I am not only talking about high school cat fights here, young woman are starting to think its ok to break down their fellow females in a public way ( not that a none public way is any better… )and I just cant understand it.

I feel that in today’s society its key for us to uplift and support each other even when you are lets say in the same industry or striving for the same goal. Will it make you a happier person if you hurt someone else? The answer is obviously no, but then why do we see it everywhere? Maybe celebrities are setting the trend by always being in some form of twitter fight and then the magazines hype it up on their side but as an adult you can surely see its all done for the purpose of promoting their brands?

I want to specifically talk about some things that I have either experienced or recently seen online that made me wonder where we are going wrong. The first thing is something called shading or throwing shade which I only recently found out about. One definition on Urban Dictionary says shading is to insult or judge someone discreetly or indirectly which makes it easy to do on social media with people mostly not picking up on who you are talking about except maybe the actual person you are referencing.  I don’t bother too much with gossip and I don’t really think I have the most enemies on social as I tend to stay out of things and keep my opinion to myself but I recently by accident saw a comment directed towards me. It read something like this – “People that wear fake colour contacts??? Really??? #toomuchfakeness” with a bunch of laughing crying face emoticons. First off what would trigger someone to say something like that. They saw a photo of me with my blue contacts and it aggravated them to the point of having to tweet about it? I am all for freedom of speech but what does the colour of my eyes have to do with your life in the slightest? Secondly this person’s hair colour is not their natural colour, how would she feel if someone called her fake because of it? Not that I need to justify my actions but I wear them because its fun, I have really bad eyesight so I have to wear some form of contact lenses anyway and I like how I can wear different make up with different colours. To me its the same thing as wearing different clothes, making your hair different colours or redecorating your home! The main problem obviously is why these people feel the need to project. The only times I have ever said anything remotely bad on social was because I was either hurt or jealous and those are definitely not good enough reasons to make someone else feel inferior or hurt. Like I said previously I am not really that fazed but with the high suicide rate these days you might just direct your nasty comments at  someone that isn’t in a good head space.

There is also a sick amount of body shaming going on, whether it is against larger girls or really skinny ones or anyone in between. Its not cool and its definitely not your problem. You are not better than someone else because you look a certain way but you are also not worse. Everyone is beautiful in their own right but most of it really comes from the inside. Its such a cliche thing to say but as I get older it is something I believe in more day after day. You find these people on instagram and they look gorgeous but you don’t really know who they are so don’t measure yourself up against them. They might be extremely sweet and nice and then you should be happy for them but they might also be nasty bitter people that need your positivity because they are so unhappy with themselves even though it might not look like it.

I see a lot of these things going on with youtube personalities and bloggers alike and I feel that its just everyone so desperately wanting a piece of the pie. I am not here to shame them or anyone that has ever said anything about me. I am here to create awareness that this is a real thing that is happening and if we dont stop it now its just going to get worse and the consequences are not going to be good. Most of us might not have daughters yet but think about if you had one, would you want her saying bad things about people online or be the victim of this kind of abuse?

Sorry if I went a bit off topic and if I am not as eloquent as I wanted to be but it was something that I just needed to get off my chest and share with all of you! I also wanted to find out if this is something you have experienced before and how you have dealt ( or not dealt ) with it.





I love a good DIY project and when it has to do with shoes and shades of pink you know I am going to be all in! I saw this Tassel Heel DIY on Honestly WTF and instantly fell in love. Seriously what could be cuter than ombre tassels to make your Summer heels a bit prettier right? You could obviously do this in all black or in different shades but blush tones have a special place in my heart so I would totally want to recreate this look! Now I just need to find the perfect pair of shoes 😛

tasselshoes1-640x960 main.original.585x0




Get ready for a Summer filled with chunky jewellery, lace, floaty dresses, fringing and all other things bohemian! I did a bit of pinterest stalking and found so many amazing pics to get you in the mood for one of the top Summer trends for 2015. I am absolutely loving this vibe as its a blend of sexy and girly with some stronger elements that come through the accessories. It’s a great trend to have lots of fun with and its easy to adapt to your personal style and taste as well.

I for one cant wait to rock loads of necklaces over a black fringe bikini with a hat and some serious boho hair going on!

Are you loving this trend?


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review { BEAUTY }

garnier makeup remover (1 of 3)

As you all know I am a big fan of eyeliner and loads of mascara but getting it off every night is far worse than the the time I spend applying it. I constantly struggle to get my eye area completely makeup free so I don’t wake up looking like a racoon in the morning, scaring Mike as well as ruining my pillows. I have used face wipes, oil based products ( the worst! ) and numerous other methods but they never really work 100% so I end up washing my face a whole load of times which isn’t great either.

Recently I found the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and since then I have been completely hooked on it. It costs R79,99 at Clicks and some people might ask why on earth would you spend that much on something that looks like a bottle of water!! Well believe me this “water” is a life saver and I am going to tell you why.

What they say:

Like a magnet, the cleansing agents capture and lift away dirt from the skin.

No need to rub to remove impurities and make-up.

The Result: Perfectly cleansed and refreshed skin without rubbing or rinsing.


What I think:

When I first saw this product two things came to mind, firstly will it actually work and secondly, how many uses will I actually get out of it. The first night I tried it out I had a full face of makeup on complete with smokey winged liner and quite a bit of mascara. I would usually wash my face first and then take off the rest of my eye makeup but for the first time I just really wanted to test it out properly. I put a tiny bit onto a cotton pad and almost with the first wipe most of my eye makeup came off. It felt like water, not oily at all but removed my makeup so effortlessly that I was quite amazed!

I have been using it every night and there is hardly a dent in the bottle so their claim that it can be used up to 200 times is starting to look pretty accurate.

If you are not sure what the fancy word ( micellar ) means dont worry, I had no clue before googling it either.

Micellar water takes its name from micelles, tiny round balls of cleansing molecules that float in the water. When you apply the product to your skin, the cleansing agents come into contact with oil and dirt on your face, allowing them to be swept away quickly and efficiently.

That sounds like a dream product for all us makeup wearing girls right? I also love the fact that it hasn’t made my face feel dry, tight or irritated at all and I will definitely be repurchasing this.

Have you tried it?


garnier makeup remover (3 of 3)garnier makeup remover (2 of 3)


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