Win with Lancome La Vie Est Belle {GIVEAWAY}


Happy Friday everyone! It is a gorgeous day and I woke up feeling so happy about how amazing life can be! I wanted to spread the happiness so I am giving away two bottles of Lancome La Vie Est Belle perfume to a very lucky reader!

All you have to do is make a declaration of happiness in the comments below! Tell me why you are happy or what makes you happy and I will choose the one I think deserves it the most! For extra brownie points go to any Edgars Red Square and try out the new perfume, take a photo and upload it to twitter or instagram using the hashtag #MyLancome :)

The giveaway will end 16 October 2015


Lipstick Love { BEAUTY }


I have gotten so many questions about my lipstick shade lately so i thought I would do a quick post so you all can see what I have been wearing and loving the last couple of months! Its a combo of three things although sometimes I just wear the lipstick by its self as well. Wet n Wild Bare it all is like a staple for me now and I even stocked up and bought a few as I am so scared that I will run out and not find any! Its very much a dupe for Velvet Teddy and much much cheaper as well ( you can buy 4 of these for the price of one MAC lipctick!! ) The quality is also insanely good and its not too drying. Then if I feel the need to be shiny I pop some Loreal amen (401) matte gloss over the top and if I know I wont have time for touch ups I do my lips with Essence In the nude all over first! :)

So there you have it, my ultimate everyday and every night lip combo!

Have you tried any of these?

IMG_0014 IMG_0015


Shimmer Up This Summer With Lipice {BEAUTY}

IMG_0001 2

I have a very long and drawn out love affair with lip balms, and it seems that every handbag must be hiding about five different ones for you know, incase 馃槢 Every time a new lip balm product gets released I feel the need to have it and when I end up loving it, it just makes it so much better!

I have been using the lip ice tinted gloss lip balm in strawberry quite a lot and when I heard they were releasing some limited edition ones for Summer I definitely had to get in on it. You definitely need even more lip products during the hotter months to keep your lips looking gorgeous and kissable wherever you might find yourself. The two new ones they have brought out are called Strawberry Shocker and Paparazzi Plum and not only do they come in ultra cute packaging they also leave the prettiest shimmer and was of colour on your lips.

I love how the shimmer reflects in the sunlight giving your lips a full pretty look! I just know these will be quite close by my side the whole Summer long :) I will be showing you some swatches as well as doing a little giveaway in the next week so keep an eye out!

If you buy some remember to upload a pic and tag #shimmerupthissummer as I would love to see it!

IMG_0004 2


#GoToReunion 2015 {TRAVEL}


If you have never heard of Reunion Island I don’t blame you. Its a little gem of an island situated in the Indian ocean close to Mauritius and Madagascar. It’s an island of extremes and adventure and in two weeks time I will be there exploring what it has to offer with a group of awesome people!

I decided to read up about the island and I must say I am totally blown away not only by the amount of photo opportunities there are on this tiny island ( yes I do think in terms of photos! ) but also how the landscape differs all around the island. Forests, waterfalls, an active volcano and the three cirques are just a few of the things that will be waiting for us on our journey.

I will be experiencing the island with 6 other bloggers from South Africa ( Andy, Natalie, Mike, Dee, Tony and Heather ) and we will be taking you with by using the hashtag #gotoreunion that you can follow on our social platforms.

Our trip will start next Sunday when we will be flying from Johannesburg to Reunion ( only a four hour flight and no visas needed! ) with Air Austral. Before the hiking starts we will be kicking off our trip by relaxing in Saint Gilles and experiencing the beach in Reunion. We will also be visiting Piton de la Fournaise which is an active volcano ( but its safe so dont stress! ) and we will experience some black sand beaches which I have seen in Costa Rica before and absolutely love.

We are in Reunion for Mike’s birthday which is so cool and on the 14th we are doing some amazing things like paragliding and cooking a creole meal for dinner! On the 15th we start with our hike at cirque de Salazie where we will hike to the cirque de Mafate and then lastly the cirque de Cilaos before heading back to spend our last night in the Capitol city Saint-Denis!

As you guys can see we will be doing some absolutely awesome things so dont forget to follow me on the following platforms:

Instagram @campsbaygirl @superficialgirl
Snapchat – sggirl1



Spread your Happiness with Lancome La Vie Est belle { BEAUTY }


This month Lanc么me is asking all of us to make a declaration of what happiness means to you. Is it putting on your favourite dress or spending time with a loved one, dancing the night away or being in nature?

To me happiness comes in lots of forms but I feel it most when the sun is shining and I can hear the gentle sound of the ocean, when I close my eyes and I can smell the salt and the sand. Its almost intoxicating and one of the reasons I love summer so much. Happiness is something you can find anywhere if you have the right mind set and although our days are filled with bad news and tragedies there is always a reason to have a positive outlook as life is beautiful no matter what is happening around us. I love how Lanc么me wants us to all share what makes us happy on social as I think spreading happiness is contagious! I am sure most of you are like me and just love seeing good news online and you just want to press that facebook share button or twitter retweet right? Why not post your own bit of feel good and maybe make someone else’s day a bit brighter by doing so?

To me happiness and perfume go hand in hand as so many of my greatest memories can be relived in my head with just a sniff of my favourite perfume. La Vie Est Belle and Lanc么me want you to make that connection and feel amazing and life a beautiful life.

What makes you happy? Lets spread the love and the happiness on social and tag your happy posts with #myLanc么me :) I will be retweeting and posting some of my favorites so that this month can truly be one filled with smiles.

Keep an eye out on my blog next week as I will be giving away two bottles of La Vie Est Belle perfume!



All about the Beach { OOTD }

beach outfit 1

This year I am taking a very relaxed approach with my summer wardrobe. Flowing skirts, lace and all things pretty are on my list of what to buy and I have already gotten quite a few gems!

I am lucky enough to have a mom that can make absolutely anything so I have a few skirts like the one I am wearing in this post that you might not be able to find anywhere else! :)

These outfits are perfect for a day at the beach or just some drinks at the local while watching the sun set!

What will you be wearing this Summer?

beach outfit 2 beach outfit 3 beach outfit 4


History of Lancome { BEAUTY }


I always find it fascinating how聽some of my favourite fashion and beauty houses got started and with the new La Vie Est Belle fragrance that came out from聽Lanco虃me聽I decided to read up on the rich History of this powerhouse brand.

Founded in 1935 by Armand Petitjean in France, as originally a fragrance house. The name “Lanc么me” was inspired by the ruins of a castle, Le Ch芒teau de Lancosme, while the roses in the area inspired the company鈥檚 symbol of the single golden rose. Armand was also known for his love of woman and his creativity which helped the brand grow from strength to strength.

In its 77 year history, Lanco虃me has become leader in the feminine prestige beauty market worldwide, and is today the only brand to show such strength across skincare, make-up and fragrance in over 130 countries. Lanco虃me is also a brand that has always been ahead of its time, visionary ever since its creation. From Nio虃some to Visionnaire and Ge虂nifique Yeux Light PearlTM, from Rouge in Love to Hypno虃se Star, from Magie to La vie est belle.

La vie est belle is actually one of my favourite fragrances from Lanc么me and I love how feminine it is. It means “life is beautiful” and encapsulates everything light, bright and happy. The bottle, originally designed聽in 1949 by Georges Delhomme for Lanco虃me founder Armand Petitjean emerges in renewed form thanks to Catherine Krunas, to embody the blossoming of a fragrance reaching the very height of its sophistication.

鈥淟a vie est belle鈥 exudes the simplicity of truth and sincerity, just like quintessentially French beauty; that famous, radiant 鈥渏e ne sais quoi鈥 that goes beyond beauty.

鈥淟a vie est belle鈥 emanates both richness and quintessence.

Today, the brand holds on to its world N掳1 position in the feminine prestige cosmetic market and its not difficult to see why.


Beachy White { OOTD }

IMG_1079 copy

Skirt that my mom made | Top from Funk at YDE | Sunglasses from Ray Ban | Jewellery from Forever 21 |Hat from Country Road

I have absolutely been craving Summer for a while now and recently the weather started turning at last! I immediately gravitated towards all things pretty, light and white and my mom helped out by making me some gorgeous skirts!

This Summer its all about the boho trend and I am piling on the jewellery and buying everything and anything lace because I am so in love with this look.

IMG_1196 copy


I Am Juicy Couture { BEAUTY }

IMG_5999 IMG_0371

You have all probably seen the anti-declarations I have been making in the last week or so. If you have been wondering what they were all about you don’t have to wonder anymore! It all had to do with the launch of the amazing new Juicy Couture fragrance called I AM JUICY COUTURE.

“I AM JUICY COUTURE evokes the glamorous rebel in every Juicy girl. She daringly proclaims exactly who she is not in order to declare who she is. She鈥檚 a confident and unabashed trend-setter with a casual and luxurious sense of style. Never a wallflower, she has a dynamic personality that fascinates and enthralls, and a captivating femininity that creates a sensation wherever she goes.鈥

I am absolutely in love with this fragrance and the message it gives us to be strong independent woman! The bottle is also absolutely gorgeous, lending some inspiration form the Juicy Couture jewellery and the fragrance is sweet and soft and absolutely delicious smelling!

Are you Juicy Couture? I definitely am!

IMG_5701 IMG_5743 IMG_5841 IMG_5877 IMG_5939


Discover Helderberg


Recently I had the chance to explore some of the beauty of the Helderberg area of Stellenbosch! There is so much to see and do in the winelands and sometimes you miss out on some great places if you dont know the area very well so I was so excited to find out what hidden gems they had in store for us.

Peter Falke Wines:

Our first stop was Peter Falke wines and it was an absolutely beautiful setting to relax outside surrounded by green grass and flowers while tasting some of their amazing wines. We also had a delicious lunch there that consisted of an area of their cheese and meat platters as well as some delicious bread. Its a great place to bring the family and share some good food and wine on the big lawns while watching the sunset ( they stay open till 7pm most evening which is great! ) I obviously had 聽to go jump around in the beautiful flowers and take some photos which there are plenty of opportunities to do on this picturesque wine farm!

IMG_0179 IMG_0165

Longridge Wine Estate:

When we were finished with lunch we took a drive to Longridge wines for a tractor ride and a wine pairing! They weather was starting to play up but the dramatic clouds made the setting even more incredible. Our tractor ride took us past some Nguni cows and armed with our cameras and cell phones we hopped over the electric wire and took some photos of them till they became bored of us and moved on 馃槢

We were all super ready for the wine tasting after the ride and sat down at a long table filled with some delectable goodies. The wine pairing consisted of a mix of their wines as well as some savoury and sweet treats and when I heard it only costs R65 I couldn’t believe it! It’s聽definitely somewhere you should stop at when you are in the area whether you come for the pairing or for lunch or dinner at their restaurant.

IMG_0203 IMG_0216 IMG_0218

Avontuur Estate:

I was so excited when I hear we were going to an estate where they not only make great wines but they also breed race horses! We were lucky enough to be able to see 2 week old foals with their mothers and it was an absolutely amazing experience! I was so surprised how they ran around full of energy at only two weeks and they were ultra cute especially when they nibbled on our hands. When it was feeding time for our new little friends we left to go taste some of their wine in their gorgeous restaurant and have a lot of laughs with their wine maker who googled blogging prior to us arriving! He was definitely prepared and even schooled us a little bit with facts that we didnt know. I would definitely love to go back there for a lazy Sunday lunch at their restaurant.

IMG_0223 IMG_0242 IMG_0262

96 Winery Road:

For dinner we went to 96 Winery Road which luckily for us was on the property we were staying on so we didn’t need to go far! I was quite surprised how full it was for a thursday evening but after finishing dinner I could see why. This cosy restaurant has some of the best food I have had and at great prices as well. I always judge a restaurant on their house bread and I could not fault theirs. There were three types and they were all so good that I ended up eating way too much of it, especially one that was almost like a mini vetkoek all warm crisp and delicious!

For starters we had a little bit of everything and which included risotto, pork belly and calamari on rostis. I could have eaten so much more of all of them especially the pork belly ( if they made a risotto with pork belly on top main for me I would be in heaven!) but I knew I had to keep some room for the main feature of the evening! I decided to go with the popular choice and the dish they are apparently known for, their “hollandse” pepper fillet served with truffl oil and parmesan chips which was just insanely good!

For dessert we once again had a little bit of everything which included their creme brulee ( best one I have ever eaten… ) a chocolate mousse slice and peanut butter ice-cream! After all of that and some Ken Forrester red wine I dont even know how I managed to walk back to our room and not just roll!

I have recommended this place to absolutely everyone I know already and I cant wait to go back for some more!


Country Guest House:

Its a great idea to book yourself into the Country guest house when you live quite far away and you want to go for dinner at 96 Winery Road. They have a few stand alone cottages on the premises and we had a great night sleep there. The next morning we were hungry again ( I couldn’t even believe it!) and were treated to french toast and bacon for breakfast with loads of fresh juice and coffee to get us ready for another day os wine tasting!

Ken Forrester Wines:

We had our first ( very early 馃槢 ) wine tasting at Ken Forrester wines and it was really great as it definitely set the mood for the rest of the day. Ken came to join us in the little cellar where we were doing our tasting and made us laugh while his dogs were running about looking for scratches and attention from their new found friends. It was such a great atmosphere and we even got to taste some of the delicious biltong and droewors they make there! We were also lucky enough to get some of their Chenin spice rub and I have been putting it on my popcorn ever since because its just so good!


Waterkloof Wines:

I was in absolute awe when we drove around a bend and spotted Waterkloof wines in the distance. Surround by vineyards and mountains this glass box in the sky looks like something out of a movie! We were treated to a pre lunch biodynamic tour around the farm and got shown how they use nature instead of conventional farming methods to get top class wine! Pur lunch with a few was an absolute treat and the resident french chef had everyone positively drooling which each new dish that was brought to the table. They paired each dish with a different wine that complimented the flavours and I could have happily just stayed there till lunch the next day 馃槢

IMG_0271 IMG_0278 IMG_0280 IMG_0285 IMG_0294

Lourensford Wine Estate:

Lourensford wine estate聽was our last stop on our winelands adventure and it was definitely a sweet ending to our great stay! We had their turkish delight and wine pairing that costs R55 per person and includes two聽MCC’s, Noble Late Harvest and non-vintage Honey Liqueur. We also made a quick Friday beer stop聽at ABRU which is a new craft beer spot on their premises. It was so gorgeous there and we were having so much fun we didnt want to leave but all good things come to an end and we all left with great memories, lots of wine and thoughts of delicious food!




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