July 31, 2014

Zara dress & Cake Pops {OOTD}

zara stripe dress birthday

Stripe dress/playsuit from Zara (I also love this one from Asos) | Heels from Truworths | Sunglasses from Legit ( Similar ones from Marc Jacobs ) | Handbag from Colette Hayman

Happy Birthday to me! Well it was technically yesterday but oh well :P Here are some pics we took before heading out. My sister bought me this super cute dress from Zara and I just obviously had to wear it! She said if I was a dress then this is what I would look like! :P I totally love it and the fact that it is actually a dress/playsuit and has a bit of a Kim K feel to it (dont judge!)

I had a very nice relaxing day and got spoiled by all the lovely people in my life!

Ps. if you are in the mood to win a R1500 voucher from my fave store Mr Price CLICK HERE!

bo kaap cake popsbo kaap zara dress 1bo kaap zara dress 2cake popszara dress 3zara dress 4zara dress 5zara dress 6zara dress 7zara dress weylandts 2zara dress weylandts

July 28, 2014

I love bad boys {OOTD}

french bad boys truworths
Crop top from Truworths in Canal Walk ( I also love this one) | Skirt from Mr Price (This, this and this is also cute!) | Belt from Forever New | Heels from Ebay | Handbag from Dune London, Bracelet from Colette Hayman

Bonjour mes amis! Hope you are all having a fantastic day! I am in a French mood today and apparently I like bad boys as well (the crop top told me!) I am loving these colors together and especially this cute crop top from Truworths that I picked up in Canal Walk last week. Seems like they are getting in a lot of super sweet items for summer that I just cant wait to see!

I also found a new lipstick love from Catrice (their lipsticks are AMAZING!) but I will do a review on it soon soon :P

It’s my birthday on Wednesday and my I am so sad to be leaving my twenties behind but hopefully the dirty thirties will bring some awesome surprises my way :)

truworths french crop top 1pink shoestruworths catrice outfittruworths crop top frenchfrench truworths

truworths french lipstick

truworths french outfit 2

July 25, 2014

Tech Friday – Hisense Maxe x1 Phablet


As you all know I am totally in love with my gadgets and recently I got a phablet from Hisense which I absolutely love. It might look impractical next to smaller phones but it actually fits perfectly in my hand and is very light weight as well as good looking I might add. I love the finish and the fact that the back is white (i obsess over white everything as you all know!)

Not only does it look good but it also takes really nice photos and video which is great for me! It has an impressive 13 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front one which is perfect for taking selfies and video calls. It also has a full HD screen and video recording for crisp display and its great for filming on the go. Sometimes I dont want to drag my camera around to vlog so this is a very good alternative!

I love listening to music on my phone and the Hisense phablet has some impressive dolby speakers which makes the sound quality a dream. Other than that I find it really user friendly and easy to get the hang of which isnt always the case with some of the phones on the market today. I love how this is kind of a middle ground for me between my phone and tablet. My phone is usually to small to see photos really well and my tablet can be a mission to drag around with my especially if I have a small handbag. This has a great size screen for almost everything which I am happy about!

Have you used it? What do you think?

Check out my video below to see more of it!


IMG_0008 copy

July 17, 2014

Selfie {OOTD}


beach outfit superficialgirls cape town
Chicwish necklace |Zara jeggings | Forever new top from Canal Walk | Wedges from Charles & Keith in Canal Walk | Handbag from Aldo | Bracelets from Forever 21 |

I can’t believe these photos were taken just two days ago when I am sitting here staring out at the torrential downpour outside! I cant complain though as we are still pretty lucky actually getting weather like this in winter! I almost fel too hot wearing jeans but it did seem more appropriate than shorts :P

I thought the best place to show off this gorgeous chicwish sea themed necklace was at our all time favorite beach right by our place! Its small and secluded and has the best swimming spot.

I am also so excited to be showing off my new Hisense MAXE 1 phone pictured below in tomorrow’s post and video!

beach outfit superficialgirls 1beach outfit chicwish necklace

blog beach outfit superficialgirl

selfie aldo beach outfit

July 14, 2014

Snow Mission to Matroosberg


Ok so I know for most of you snow is a normal occurrence and not something utterly crazy cool but I live in Cape Town and for us a little bit of snow in winter is seriously exciting!

A couple of weeks ago we had some freezing weather and even a tiny (like minuscule) amount of snow on Table Mountain but it also started snowing out in Ceres which is about 3 hours away from Cape Town. It does snow there on the Matroosberg nature reserve during winter quite a bit but its far so not really a day trip. We hadnt been there for over 10 years so we woke up really early on a Sunday morning and made a little road trip photo taking adventure out of it!

Here are some of my fave pics!


driving matroosberg


matroosberg snowmanfollow me to matroosberg










snow matroosberg 1

DCIM108GOPROsnow matroosberg 3snow matroosberg 6snow matroosberg 5DCIM108GOPROsnow matroosberg 9


snow matroosberg 10

snow matroosberg superficialgirl

snow matroosberg

snow matroosberg1

July 10, 2014

Mr Price in Canal Walk Picks



There are so many awesome monochrome items at Mr Price in Canal Walk at the moment! Here are my favorites.

1.Leather cap – R59,99

2.Sheer inset skater skirt – R99,99

3.Slouchy statement tee – R45,99

4.Canvas slip ons – R69,99

5.Graffiti tube dress – R119,99

6. Tropical leggings – R69,99

July 8, 2014

Stripes {OOTD}

Shoes from Truworths in Canal Walk | Trench coat from Forever New | Jersey from Truworths in Canal Walk | Handbag from Truworths | Bracelet from Colette Hayman in Canal Walk

Hi everyone! At last I am back with another outfit post! I have been so busy recently, and it has been really really really cold that my outfits mostly consisted of double onesies (yes you heard right, wearing two onesies!) and various forms of massive fluffy jackets and scarves. We have also been going on a lot of outings which have been great but doing an outfit post after hiking for two hours isn’t pretty believe me!

Usually when winter comes I start wearing a lot of neutrals and dark colors and as soon as the spring goodies hit stores I transform into a crazy rainbow of pastels and brights.